Mobile Projection Unit creates augmented reality Snake game

There are woefully few mobile phone games that rise to the same kind of vintage, classic value in the way that Pong, Tetris, and Mario have in other gaming segments. But one of the few titles that do have historic mobile roots is the Nokia game Snake, and now it's making a comeback in a truly larger-than-life way.

A group called Mobile Projection Unit has recreated the classic game so that it can be played with you as the controller, and the windows, doors, and signs around you as the obstacles. In Tron fashion, multiple players can join in together, and create dead ends for their opponents. The project is called Snake the Planet, and involves a camera, a projector, and a computer. It's all mobile and can be set up on the spot.

It's really part game, part technological showmanship, and part social experiment. "Culture is as much about the feeling of experiments as it is about the council sanctioned public sculpture, so it's kind of why were really excited to be able to take all these little quick experiments and games out to the public," said Mobile Projection Unit's Rene Cristen.

[via VentureBeat]