Mobile News Update

Well, this week is CES, but there won't be much, if anything, new here regarding mobile, but by some strange coincidence, the Boy Genius Report was able to snag up 7 "leaked" mobile news stories. Really I'm quite suspicious how much of a "leak" they really were, or if the companies sent them the news so they could get it out even though CES isn't a mobile industry event.

Anyways, here they are in no particular order:

The Verizon Blackberry Pearl 8130 in Pink

The Palm Wanda (it's supposed to be a replacement for the 500v on Vodafone

The Blackberry 8920

The Nokia "Dora" which adds WiFi and GPS to the E65 slider

The Palm Drucker

The Nokia E71 spec sheet and picture

Lastly, the new 8000 series Blackberry

and, like I said above, all of this came courtesy of The Boy Genius Report