Mobile Mix study shows Android almost double iOS market share

Millennial Media released a new Mobile Mix report today for the month of August and unsurprisingly Android and iOS are both still in the lead and growing, while the rest of the competitors continue to fall further behind. Android has quite the lead with a 54 percent market share that's almost double that of iOS, which has 28 percent.

While Android and iOS continue to grow, RIM continues to decline and is now in third place at 13 percent market share. Microsoft's Windows Phone and Nokia's Symbian each make up only 1 percent of the market, while the remaining mix of platforms make up 3 percent.

This Mobile Mix report also tracked the top 20 handsets with the iPhone making up 13.06 percent. The second place handset was the LG Optimus at 6.71 percent, probably largely due to it being cheap and in some cases free with a new two-year contract. However, the study did combine the count for current and older generations of the same device series. For instance, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS were counted together, while the Motorola Droid and Droid 2 were lumped together as well.

Although the iPhone takes the lead in the top 20 handsets, 15 of those run Android, making up 33 percent. Rounding out the top 20 are the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Torch, and Pearl.

Additionally, the study also produced a Device OS Mix chart that now includes tablets and handheld gaming devices, MP3 players, and other connected devices. Tracking the impressions, smartphones now make up 72 percent of the market, while feature phones and connected device each make up 14 percent.

[via IntoMobile]