Mobile electric car charging stations called Angel Car unveiled in Europe

One of the things that concerns people interesting in electric cars the most is how they will charge the cars when they are away from home or if they run out of power. A Swiss company has an interesting method for charging an electric car wherever the driver may end up called Angel Car.

The Angel Car is a mobile car charging station that is inside the back of a van. The van can be driven anywhere the electric car needs a charge to power the EV up. The Angel Car system is being shown off at European exhibitions and shows this month.

In the back of the van is an oversize battery charger that has 230V and can charge a stranded EV in about 15 minutes with 2-3 kWh of power to give them an extra 30km of driving range. It reminds me of the roadside assistance services that bring a gallon of fuel to get you to the station.