Mobile devices are kids’ preferred gaming tools

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 23, 2015, 6:40pm CDT
Mobile devices are kids’ preferred gaming tools

Modern children prefer to play video games on mobile devices, according to a new report from NPD Group. The survey looked at kids ranging in age from 2 to 17, and discovered the PC has been knocked down from its top slot, no longer being the preferred gaming device. More than half of kids surveyed said they play video games on mobile devices regularly, while less than half of those kids reported playing games on a PC. The latter represents a 22 percent decrease over 2013’s report.

All in all, 63-percent of the kids surveyed said they play mobile games on a regular basis; this is contrasted by 45 percent who reported playing video games on a PC. Of these, the youngest kids — those aged 2 to 5 — are the most likely to play games on mobile devices. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have reasons to worry, too.

Kids, according to the report, are favoring traditional game consoles like the 3DS less than they used to. NPD didn’t break down the numbers in this regards, however, saying only that it is less significant than the drop seen with PC gaming. Older kids are most favorable toward traditional consoles.

The reasons for favoring mobile devices over PCs could be numerous. Mobile devices are becoming more common in the average household, for example, meaning kids may have more access to them than in past years. In addition, PC sales have been on the decline as people choose to update their computers less often in favor of mobile gadgets.

VIA: GameSpot

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