Mobile Advertising Report Shows Android On The Rise

Opera Mediaworks recently published its State of the Mobile Advertising report for Q4 2012. The report offers data for the mobile advertising market from the last quarter of 2012 helping to shed light on popular mobile trends. The source of the data used in the report is Opera's extensive mobile advertising platform serving 50 billion ad impressions each month.

Those ad impressions are spread across about 12,000 mobile sites and apps according to the company. The report shows that Q4 was a record quarter with over two times increase in the amount of ad impressions and revenue the publishers compared to other quarters of 2012. The increase in advertising is associated with the seasonal impact of holiday shopping using mobile devices.

The report shows that the Android operating system is on the rise thanks in part to the incredible popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Despite Android growing rapidly, iOS is still the top operating system for monetization. However, Android did pass iOS by two percentage points in market share for global ad impression volume.

The top ad impression generating categories of the mobile market were music, video, and media. The report shows that 21.4% of all ad impressions came from those three categories. The report also shows that international mobile traffic is growing significantly with ad impressions from North America declining to 64% from 74% of the global market as international traffic increases. One country that's growing particularly quickly is the Russian Federation with ad impressions increasing 60%.

[via Opera]