mLogic launches new Mac mDock and mBack backup solutions

A company called mLogic has rolled out some new products that are very cool. The new gear is specifically aimed at the Mac users out there and includes products for the MacBook and iMac lines. The first of the new products is the mDock for the MacBook users out there. This little dock replicates the ports on the side of the unibody MacBook 13-inch and 15-inch computers.

The device is able to plug in things like monitors, speakers, printers, and more so they don't all have to be unplugged when the user wants to take the MacBook on the road. The mDock also has an integrated HDD with 500GB or 1TB of storage inside and uses Time Machine backup software. The mDock also has front facing USB ports and a headphone jack. The device looks like the Mac so it blends with Apple's clean design and has no fan inside to keep noise down.

The other product is called the mBack. This is a zero footprint backup up drive for the iMac and machines using the Cinema Display. The mBack mounts to the rear of the iMac or displays and doesn't need any space on or under the desk. It is Time Machine compatible and has 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB versions available. mLogic also has the mLink that is an external chassis for PCIe cards that links with Thunderbolt enabled Macs. The mDock is $219 for 500GB or $299 for 1TB. The mBack is $169 for 1TB, $209 for 2TB, or $349 for 3TB. The mLink is $399.