Miyamoto: Nintendo already conceptualizing new hardware

When will you see the next Nintendo console? That's anyone's guess, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed Nintendo is in the early stages of planning for their next hardware offerings. Speaking to the Associated Press, Miyamoto said Nintendo is working on "new ideas" for their next hardware offering, but are remaining committed to the Wii U. Miyamoto also suggested the next time we see Mario could be on new hardware, a move he likened to Mickey Mouse and new animation techniques.

"New ideas" might be where we pick up on Sharp's free-form display, which has been rumored to make an appearance on Nintendo's 3DS successor. Miyamoto wasn't forthcoming on details as to what Nintendo is working on, likely because they're in the early stages and their roadmap may not be clear just yet.

It would also distract from the Wii U, where Nintendo is keeping their focus for now.

Still, Miyamoto's admission that Nintendo is working on something is a candid look at when new hardware actually takes shape. Though the Wii U has fallen somewhat flat, and given a lot of ground to the Xbox and Playstation platforms, Nintendo's handheld gaming sector has seen a lot of success.

Whether handheld or console, it seems the next iteration of hardware from Nintendo is a long way away; likely two years or better. Good thing we have Mario Kart.

Source: ABC