Mixfader wireless crossfader aims at digital DJs

If you like to make music there is plenty of hardware out there that will let you make your own tracks using turntables and vinyl records or digital devices like the iPad and MP3 tracks. Whichever route you choose, cool music can be made using a bunch of methods. If your tastes lean towards making digital music a new tool is coming soon called the Mixfader.

The Mixfader is a wireless crossfader that comes from DJIT, the same company that makes the popular DJ app Edjing. The wireless crossfader allows the user to control playback between virtual decks when used with an app, such as Edjing.

Most of those apps will have a virtual crossfader, but the company believes that this hardware fader will give DJs the precision movements needed for intricate scratches and mixes. Mixfader connects via Bluetooth and promises to work with any smartphone or tablet without latency or other issues.

One key factor for those considering the Mixfader to add to their arsenal is how much it costs. Right now, the company isn't offering up that information. Mixfader will launch this fall and pricing will be announced closer to launch.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb