Mix-Style Headphones Going on Sale in UK January 31st

Evan Selleck - Jan 13, 2011
Mix-Style Headphones Going on Sale in UK January 31st

For those who find themselves in certain regions of Japan, Mix-Style headphones are something of a normal occurrence. But they may not be everywhere else. For the United Kingdom, they’re about to get a big boost of the headphones hanks to audio retailer HiFi Headphones. The outlet will be selling a wide assortment of the headphones beginning at the end of the month, and they’ve got styles for everyone.

The Mix-Style headphones are meant to express the same styles that you’d find in Tokyo, and express the same street style as Harajuku. They may not be the best sounding headphones out there, especially compared to some of the high-end models from major companies, but they certainly stand out in their aesthetic appeal, as they blend design and fashion in a unique manner.

Mix-Style headphones, and other styles like them, are certainly popular in Japan, so their appearance in other markets around the world is not surprising. HiFi Headphones will be selling 16 different color schemes of the headphones, and customers will be able to choose from over-the-ear designs, in-ear buds, or clip-on ‘phones. Exact pricing hasn’t been made available for the headphones in the United Kingdom, but in Europe they cost €55 for the over-the-ear design, €39 for the clip-on design, and €38 for the in-ear buds. They’ll go on sale on January 31st.

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