MIUI Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich under development now

When you've got the opportunity to improve upon the most advanced version of a software made by one of the biggest tech companies in the entire world, you do it, and that's just what the team responsible for MIUI is doing with Google's Ice Cream Sandwich. MIUI is a ROM, aka the clothing and brains of your device, and outside the one device they've developed across the sea, the only way you can get it on your device is to hack it. What the news is today is that there's a new version in the works, one made specifically for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and like its predecessors, it'll both take all the best bits of the operating system and re-arranges them for a lovely dessert that's without compare.

Have a peek here at the a selection of screenshots, each of them in their current form in Alpha, then let us know if this looks like something you'll be interested in using in the very near future. Currently you're able to get MIUI for a few devices in the Samsung world including the Nexus S and the Galaxy S II, and for those of you that've used it in the past, you'll wonder why you ever used anything else. It's sort of like a mix between Android and Apple, but with a heavy bias towards the best parts of Android with a slightly rounded flavoring.

If you do work with the current version of MIUI, I suggest you find the Simpsons theme and run with it. Your loading screen is a donut floating in space, everything is pink with sprinkles, and the icons are soft but the images are strong enough to be usable. The same is true about the icons you see here in the basic build of the Ice Cream Sandwich version of MIUI. A bunch of lovely flat squares and great breaks between easy to read text blocks. What more could you ask for? Coming soon!

[via MIUI]