Mitsubishi WL6700U HD Projector – so bright it could throw a picture up on the sun

James Allan Brady - Apr 2, 2008, 11:54am CDT

So it may not quite be that bright, but this WXGA resolution projector is putting out 5000 lumens, which means you won’t have to dim any lights or close any curtains in order to use it and see clearly. It has 1000:1 contrast ratio and uses 3 1.2-inch LCD panels inside.

For video connections you get your choice of DVI or RJ45, making it an easily network-able projector. Furthermore, since its intended more for schools and businesses where things of such high value are prone to theft, there is an integrated alarm, in fact it will crank out 120 deafening decibels of sound if you move it after the key is removed.

The projector itself comes in white and costs five dollars short of a cool ten g’s. It will be available this month, and at 5000 Lumens I’d hate to be the one that has to buy the next bulb on this thing.

[via Mitsubishi Presentations]

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