Mitsubishi HD TV with razer-thin bezel

I must confess, I love watching TV but the sets themselves generally fail to ignite my enthusiasm.  So it's a sign of how cool this new HD DLP from Mitsubishi is that it got me interested; not for the specs – though 57-inches and 1080p are pretty special – but for the achingly thin bezel around the screen.

Up until now if you've wanted something vaguely different to the usual "slap it in a black frame" design of LCD or Plasma screens you've had to splash out on a Bang & Olufsen set (and trust me, I would if I could afford it) or go for one of the customised wood'n'leather models you see occasionally.  Not much choice if all you want is a screen that looks as though it's floating on its own.  Now, the $2,800 WD-57734 offers just that at a reasonable price, together with a handful of image processing technologies that promise to make the whole thing perform a lot better.

The WD-57734 has PerfecTint, DeepField Imager (dynamic contrast adjustment within an image), SharpEdge (which does pretty much what the name suggests), Dark Detailer for crisp blacks, as well as a front HDMI port (plus three more on the back) and NetCommand, Mitsubishi's home theatre set-up which can control independent components via IR.  There's even a USB port to show photos from a memory stick.

The WD-57734 should be available now.

Press Release [via Uncrate]