Mitsubishi FL6900U projector is great for pub and commercial use

The new Mitsubishi commercial and education projector is a great candidate for a pub. It's quiet, bright and only weights about 21lb. I would consider it rather light for a commercial size projector. The native full 1080P projector uses 3x 1.1-inch LCD durable inorganic panels and can pump out 4000 lumens with estimated lamp life up to 4000 hours. The beam is capable of throwing 60-inch to 250-inch of HD pictures.

When operates at low lamp mode, the fan is running at a hushed 29DBA noise level. It also has a motorized zoom and focus function and provides varies distance of optional lenses for installers looking for more flexibility. DVI-D connectivity is supported for true HD digital-to-digital images, as well as a one year warranty on lamp and 3-year express replacement assistance and warranty. Available this month, the Mitsubishi FL6900U is selling for $9,995

[via Mits]