Mitsubishi developed highest power output laser diode for mobile projectors

Mitsubishi engineers have developed a laser diode that's capable of 110mW at 638nm, an industry's highest power conversion efficiency of 28 percent, and is for the use in pico projectors, handhelds, or any compact laser light color source devices.

The ML520G54 laser diode utilizes company's uniquely window mirror structures and ridge waveguide structures, overcome the difficulty of reproducing an accurate optical red color, to achieve a high output power of 110mW at 638nm in single lateral-mode operation. The 28% power efficiency is rated at 25°C, which in turns, contributes to the realization of a low power, yet most energy efficient and the brightest ultra-compact optical light device.

Mitsubishi will start shipping the engineering sample of the ML520G54 by February 1, 2009 at the cost of $120.