MIT grads build PC with 16 GPUs

I remember back when I first installed a second graphics card in my gaming rig. I thought that I had achieved greatness. Of course these days it's not all that uncommon to find multiple GPUs in a gamingĀ  system (be it on a single card, or separate ones), however, I can't say that I've ever heard of 16 GPUs running in a single system. That is until I heard about a few MIT grads that decided to do just that.

Three MIT grads decided to install 8 Nvidia 9800GX2 cards into a single system for a project they were working on. This resulted in a whopping 16GPUs. What one would do with that sort of power, I'm really not sure. I'm pretty sure that after the third or fourth card you'd hit a CPU bottleneck.

So what's the most disappointing thing about this whole story? Look carefully at the picture up top. Yes, that's right, they have all of that power and they're using a standard VGA monitor. For shame!

[via Ubergizmo]