Mister Miser Folding Urinal

I really don't think it can get much simpler or more compact than this to add a urinal to your house. It folds nearly flat into your wall for goodness sake.

Its better for the environment too as a flush only requires 10 ounces of water, that's a little more than a glass, as compared to gallon per flush or more that a lot of toilets are still using. Just imagine being able to discreetly put a urinal anywhere in, or out of your house.

You could put one in your bedroom if you wanted, one in the garage, hell, if you are a business exec, just have one installed in your office. One thing you will have to worry about though is the $295 price tag on one of these, oh and the cost, or if you are a DIY'er, the hassle of installing it.

Folding Urinal For Your Bathroom [via uberreview]