Missed OUYA? Pre-order one for $109 on the official website

OUYA completed its Kickstarter funding last night, shattering its original $950,000 goal and reaching a grand total of $8.6 million. Around 63,416 backers funded the project all in all, but what if you missed out? Fear not, as the company has thrown up an official website at ouya.tv that will allow curious gamers to pre-order the Android-based console. The Kickstarter funding required you cough up $99 for the miniature console, whereas an official pre-order will cost $109 including shipping.

OUYA believes that the Kickstarter consoles will ship it to backers sometime in March 2013, whereas any pre-orders made on its website will come a month later in April 2013. You'll receive the same package as Kickstarters though: one console and one controller. Naturally, buyers will gain access to the same game and content library as those who gets their hands on the console early.

The team behind OUYA has managed to garner support from several high profile gaming companies and entities, with OnLive pledging that its streaming games service will be available on the console, and Square Enix also promising a port of Final Fantasy III. Several independent developers have expressed interest in the platform too, with OUYA luring backers with the promise of free games and a vast content library.

Media has been taken care of in the past few days as well, with OUYA announcing a partnership with the XBMC team that will see the popular video solution making its way to the console. Development kits will be sent out to the XBMC team so that full compatibility can be worked into the software. OUYA has also promised support for Plex, an alternative media center.