miShare iPod file exchange gadget goes on sale

miShare have begun selling their eponymous iPod file transfer gadget, which promises to make exchanging songs between Apple's PMPs as straightforward as hitting a button. Basically a compact box with two dock connectors, a single button and three LEDs, when hooked up between two compatible iPods (currently the Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video 5G and Classic 6G) you can transfer songs, videos, playlists, photos or full photo albums. It'll even exchange DRM-encrypted files, although it doesn't actually crack the DRM.Check out a video of miShare in action after the cut

Instead, any DRM-blessed file is stored in the iPod's disk area (the area to which general files are stored when the iPod is used as an external drive), waiting to be unlocked with a valid iTunes password. Non-DRM files, however, are ready for immediate playback, and miShare are pushing the idea of using it to instantly share CC-licenced or personal media rather than as an iTunes workaround. Apparently they're working with museums to load guided tours and video art onto visitors' iPods.

Obviously the lack of iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility is annoying, but miShare claim to be working on an update which existing owners will be able to download. The speed files transfer is also a bit slow: rated at one megabyte per second, in their own tests miShare find it hits around 500kb/s which means a typical song takes around ten seconds to exchange. miShare is available now for $99.99.

[via CrunchGear]