Misfit Vapor smartwatch won't have built-in GPS

Product is just begging to be called vaporware with the choice of its name and, for some interested buyers, it might as well be. The Misfit Vapor is not only more than half a year in the making, it is also going to arrive with less than what the company promised at the start of this year. According to the company's own Instagram account, Misfit's first full smartwatch won't have standalone GPS, contrary to what it boasted back at CES in January.

Misfit has had a couple of what are usually called "hybrid smartwatches" that mixes traditional analog watches with some tracking features and Bluetooth connectivity. The Misfit Vapor, revealed at the start of the year, was notable in that it was the company's first stab at a full smartwatch, with a touch screen and all. Considering it specialized in fitness trackers, it was widely presumed, and even officially confirmed, that it would have the trappings of one, including GPS.

Now it seems that Misfit has changed its mind and didn't think it mattered to inform would-be buyers until the very last-minute. Responding to a question on Instagram, the company revealed that the Vapor would not have standalone GPS as planned. It would, instead, have "connected GPS", which basically means it gets it data from paired smartphones. Which means you'll need to have the smartphone nearby, even when you go out for a run.

Granted, not all fitness trackers boast of standalone GPS anyway, but it's becoming a staple for more serious devices. Especially those with large enough screens to make it conducive to check stats or even see a map. While you can certainly do those on the Vapor, it will only be doing so by proxy, taking the data from a smartphone anyway.

The one bit of good news for Vapor hopefuls is that smartwatch is just around the corner. Misfit says it's aiming for a late summer release and a $200 price tag. We'll have to see whether it will be worth that much in the end.

SOURCE: Misfit