Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet – Never touch the faucet again

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 15, 2007

One doesn’t really consider a faucet to be very high-tech.. They generally only have a couple of functions; hot, cold and off. Simple, right? This cool faucet has got a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

The first cool feature of the Miscea Sensor Activated Facet is that you don’t ever actually need to touch it. This is actually really great because when most people wash their hands they first touch the faucet to turn it on, wash, then touch the faucet (where their germ-covered hands just touched) to turn it back off.. That feature alone makes this worth mentioning, however, it can also dispense soap and disinfectant lotion, also without touching it.

This would be the perfect faucet for the germaphobes out there. I’ve always heard that the most germ-infested thing you’ll find in your house is the soap dispenser. No word on pricing or availability.

Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet
[via coolestgadgets]

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