MIOPS Mobile camera remote puts your smartphone to work

A new camera remote for photographers has turned up on Kickstarter called the MIOPS Mobile hailed as the most versatile camera remote in all the land. MIOPS Mobile is designed to be used with DSLR cameras and turns your smartphone into the remote for the camera. MIOPS Mobile connects to the shutter release port of the camera and communicates with the smartphone over Bluetooth.

With the app installed on the smartphone, multiple trigger modes are available for the photographer to use with triggers from vibration, sound, motion, distance, or various time lapse modes. The remote gives basic functions too such as press and hold for shutter release, press and lock, timed release, self-timer, and HDR.

The big function of the MIOPS Mobile remote is scenario mode. This mode allows the photographer to combine any of the trigger options to create a scenario to do impressive things with the camera. The remote also allows the user to schedule the mode or sequence to fire when desired so you don't have to handle the camera constantly.

The remote does work with mirrorless cameras and the interface for the app promises to be easy to use. Motion mode allows the user to use the smartphone camera to trigger the shutter so you can capture wild animals, kids, or intruders. The vibration sensing capability allows the user to shake their phone to take images or to trigger the shutter when vibrations are felt. Using the smartphone microphone, the shutter can be triggered when sound is sensed. MIOPS Mobile is on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 and has raised over $68,000 as of writing. A pledge of $79 or more will get you a remote pack that will ship in April 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter