Minuum Android keyboard sparks crowdfund interest with one-row layout

This week a set of developers hoping to create a new way for users to use touchscreen-based keyboards have seem some significant success, finding 873% of their goal met in their first crowdfunded venture. The app environment these developers have presented is "Minuum Keyboard", one created for Android devices initially, here showing off the entire English alphabet in a single row near the bottom of a smartphone or tablet screen. Having met their Indegogo goal several times over, they're now headed for a June release for the software in beta.

In an interesting twist to the original goals set out by the group, this project's development was advanced past it's first Android confines with a WDK as well. A WDK, or Wearable Development Kit, provides the user with a keyboard for many prospective devices. In the video presentation made by the creators of this project, you'll see this keyboard typing with 3D motion control too.

The setup for the keyboard in its initial layout comes from the QWERTY setup you're likely making use of on your notebook, smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer right this minute. Taking these letters and smashing them down into what's essentially one row instead of three, the space which the keyboard would otherwise have taken up is reduced significantly.

What these developers are studying and banking on is the idea that users will be able to adapt as easily as they have to the simplicity of the layout they've created. While like riding a bike, you can get used to typing with such a setup, there's still a learning curve that's being dealt with. According to the funds this team has received in support of their development thus far, there are more than enough people out there willing to give Minuum a shot!

Let us know if you're working with the standard on-screen keyboard on your smartphone or tablet and why. Did you know you were able to change the keyboard on your device before you read this post?

[via Indegogo]