mintpass Mint Frame bundles camera and display

When Korean firm mintpass aren't working on the mintpad MID, they're busy at the design-board sketching out concept prototypes for your minimalist home.  One of their most interesting designs – especially since they've talked about next-generation mintpads with larger displays – is the Mint Frame, a 7-inch touchscreen digital photo frame that not only displays pictures but, thanks to a 2-megapixel camera built into the back, takes them too.

The concept was prompted by the elderly father of one of mintpass' designers, who was constantly pestering to have his digital photos printed out since he found transferring them to a computer too tricky.  Instead, the Mint Frame is designed to take and display the photos all by itself, with a rear camera (with flash) and a front camera for self-portraits.  Resolution is purposefully kept low, since the screen is only 7-inches, and there's an SD card slot and USB port for getting them off the display (when your grandkids visit and can do it for you).

Unfortunately there's no sign of a production version, but we can hope mintpass bear the Mint Frame in mind when they're working on the mintpad v.2.  More renders over at the mintpass site.

[via Yanko Design]