Miniwiz RE-view is a Sunglasses created from recycled DVDs & CDs

It's easier said than done that you want to recycle or up-cycle waste to productive use. Techniques and innovations are required to make your DIY project sustainable, demandable and more importantly – financially viable. A Taiwanese company Miniwiz, under the wings of designer Arthur Huang, seems to have got a hang of things, given that their RE-view pair of sunglasses are constructed from trash and yet look trendy.

Driven by the goal of minimizing waste, the designers have managed to use materials like agricultural waste and urban waste like CDs and DVDs, to manufacture this lineup. It's hard to imagine a pair of shades made from carbonized rice husk fibers and recycled CDs and DVDs, however using their trademarked procedures, the designers have managed to design shades that are fashionable, softer and quite flexible.

Interestingly, the pop-up packaging for the shades are also made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The ergonomic design allows you to store the cover as flat-pack when you are using the shades and can easily slip into the pocket. However, the packaging is strong enough to sustain accidental falls. At the end of the day, thanks to the recycled packaging and frames, the set achieves 70%+ carbon savings.