miniStack Max external storage device gets DVD drive option

If you're a Mac user who is looking for an external storage device that features an integrated optical drive, Newer Technology as an offering that is rather interesting. The device is called the miniStack Max and it's been around for a while featuring an integrated Blu-ray drive. The problem for a lot of people who like the idea of this product was that they didn't necessarily need a Blu-ray drive and that added significantly to the cost.

Newer Technology is now announced a new option for people who don't want that blue Ray drive with the miniStack Max now available in a version packing a DVD/CD burner rather than the more expensive Blu-ray drive. The manufacturer says that this is the only four and one external hard drive entering an optical drive, SD memory card reader, and a powered USB hub.

The storage solution is designed specifically to be stacked with the Mac mini and it matches that little computer's size and style perfectly. However, Newer Tech says that the miniStack Max will work with any computer out there. The external storage devices compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and features multiple interfaces.

It can connect to your computer using USB 3.0, USB 2.0, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, or an eSATA port. The external storage solution is available in multiple storage capacities all the way up to 4 TB. The hard drive inside the enclosure is a 7200 RPM unit making for fast data access. The integrated SD memory card reader also reads SDXC format and everything in between. Prices start at $219.99 for the enclosure with no storage inside. The 4 TB version sells for $529.99.

[via NewerTech]