Mini's new concept AR glasses give you X-Ray vision

BMW's Mini division just revealed its latest concept gadget, a pair of augmented reality glasses, at the Auto Shanghai show. Mini Augmented Vision is a new pairing of AR technology and driving. The design looks like a cross between aviator specs and actual aviation goggles and is capable of providing a variety of information in un-obstructive, see-through displays. The AR glasses are the result of a collaboration between BMW's DesignworksUSA and Qualcomm.

The glasses will even display message notification in your field of view; then the car will read them aloud over the stereo system so you won't be distracted by reading. The coolest feature these AR specs bring to the table virtual X-Ray vision which will allow you to see objects normally obscured by the car, like curbs (or skateboarding dogs according to the promotional pic). It's designed to help you park by incorporating the X-Ray view from external cameras.

Instead of having to look at a small screen for navigation, these glasses project navigation arrows "on" the road so you can intuitively follow the arrows to your destination. The glasses will also let you know how may miles away you are from your destination, and they can give driving information, like speed, in a heads-up display.

Although these innovative glasses are only a prototype, Mini Augmented Vision is an engaging combination of AR and automotive design that may influence the way the technology is used in the future.