MiniOne Admits to Being an iPhone Clone

It just keeps getting better, first LG's head of R&D accuses apple of ripping off their Prada design, now Chinese phone maker Meizu says that they did in fact copy the iPhone.

No, the whole phone isn't a copy, according to Meizu CEO J. Wong they debuted the miniOne (formerly known as the M8) four days before Macworld. However, after seeing Apple's design, they decided to change theirs to match.

I really have to respect them for coming clean on that one. Most people would just keep quiet, or point the finger at someone else (I'm talking about you LG). Now if the miniOne turns out to be as good as it is boasted to be, people might be more interested in buying it..

Meizu CEO: we only kind of knocked off the iphone [vie engadget]