Minima concept phone has a wicker style keypad

As much time as many of use spend on our mobile phones we want them to be easy to use and comfortable to hold. We also want all kinds of cool features. Some folks would put style over usability. Wood is a popular material on tech gadgets of late with lots of notebooks using wood in the design.

A new concept phone from designer Seung-Hyun Yoon has surfaced at Yanko Design that has a curvy look and is inspired by wood. The outside of the phone has a bamboo look to it. I can't tell if the wood on the outside is real or fake from the images, but it looks cool.

Flip the phone open and it has a large screen and a keyboard that looks like those creaky wicker chairs my grandmother has on her patio. The design is very cool and I can see this thing being sold with the Asus brand on it.