Mini Weapons - Miniature Bazooka And Samurai Weapons

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again: Girls love miniature things. However, this is one mini set I'd stay away from when picking out something for your sweetie, unless your sweetie is me, cause I think these are great!

If you love weapons and Halo 3 just isn't enough of a fix for you, you might stop buy ThinkGeek and pick up one or both of these miniature weapons sets. The bazooka sets are a 1/6th scale replicas of a Panzer Faust3, RPG-7, FIM-43, M20A1, and SA-18. Each set ($8.99) only lets you pick out two, so you may end up with doubles of one when you buy the complete series. Each bazooka comes with its own stand for maximum display-ability.

Maybe bazookas aren't your thing, though. Maybe you're more of an ancient samurai type of guy/girl. If so, worry not, there is also set for you. The samurai set include 15 different real metal weapons and battery powered lanterns. Each one is about 5” high which makes them the perfect size for arming your work area. These sets retail for just 7.99.

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