Mini unveils Mini Clubvan for more capacity

Fans of the Mini automotive brand have no doubt become attracted to the company's line of compact, uniquely built and designed vehicles. Today, though, it unveiled a new model designed for those who still like the differentiated style of a Mini but need a bit more storage space. Introducing the Mini Clubvan. It is based on the Clubman model, which has become an increasingly popular choice among Mini owners.

It looks essentially like a Mini Cooper that someone just stretched out. It still only seats two but there is an extended area in the back for delivery drivers and those who just want some extra space to carry stuff around. The rear doors fully open to allow complete access to the width of the vehicle, making it easy to put in or take out large parcels. It's also low, with the floor of the cargo area meeting the average driver at about wast-level.

This is being sold to personal and commercial customers, but it is definitely for those who have volume transport of products as a primary function. There are numerous strap pins to keep the content in place, and a cage prevents anything from spilling into the passenger area. In other words, it's like a really cute truck. Today's press release is just a teaser of the new vehicle. It will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple weeks.