Mini smartphone projector hints at holographic future

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 2, 2014
Mini smartphone projector hints at holographic future

We’ve seen various examples of holograms over the years, with the technology behind them coming in many varieties. The prism crystal-based one that surfaced in 2012 is one example, but in the future such cumbersome and decidedly non-portable constructions will no longer be needed.

California startup Ostendo has developed a miniature projector that is small enough to fit in a smartphone, but powerful enough to project a 48-inch diagonal video or image onto a wall or other surface, hinting at the future functionality of mobile devices.

The startup hasn’t stopped there, however, and has spent the better part of a decade working on the development of 3D image projection — that is, holograms. Using more than one chipset, the company is able to generate 3D images.

An example of this was demonstrated to The Wall Street Journal using a combination of six chips used to collectively beam a pair of three-dimensional dice. The company plans to ship the first — 2D-generating — version of its product before summer next year, and to follow it up a short while later with a 3D-capable product.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

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