Mini keyboard for the Mac Mini

If you're one that likes to keep your Mac Mini accessories, well, mini, the Happy Hacking Lite 2 is going to fit right in with your collection. Fujitsu obviously designed this little guy with the Mini in mind, it's total width is less than twice the size of the Mac mini, measuring in at just under a foot long. Surprisingly, with that reduction in size they still manage to get all of the essential keys on there, and still have room to get a couple of USB 1.1 ports on there.

Don't you PC users fret either, it's still compatible with Windows too, and no word on Linux support. The Happy Hacking Lite 2 will run you about $52, but there is a catch. It's currently only available in Japan. No word on when they'll be coming stateside.

Mac Mini Sized Happy Hacking Lite Keyboard [via EverythingUSB]