Mini AT-AT Walker stores your pens, cables, and office supplies

If your desk is looking messy (and you happen to really like Star Wars), a new accessory from Japan will help you get things sorted: it is an organizer with spots for your coins, paperclips, and other small items, as well as slots for wrapping charging cables around the legs and a space for pens and pencils. Despite being an organizer, the AT-AT Walker has movable legs, and can be positioned in different ways to suit your tastes. The device is presented by Premium Bandai; shipping outside of Japan will be available.

According to the Bandai website, the AT-AT organizer measures 268mm tall (it is 1/72 the size of a 'real' walker); it includes a small coin drawer into which coins can be placed via a slot in the walker's upper casing. The head opens with a small space for something like thumb tacks or paperclips. The backend pulls out to reveal a small drawer, as well.

If you don't want to store coins, you can instead open the door to the drawer and use it to hold pens, as shown in the video above. The legs, meanwhile, have small hooks in which a charging cable can be threaded. One of the feet has a magnet embedded in it to keep it in place, assuming your desk has a metal surface.

Finally, the AT-AT walker has some sort of pop-out case in which a stamp can be positioned, such as a name stamp or anything you use regularly, for fast access. Joining the organizer is a small Snow Speeder. The organizer won't be launching until this upcoming December, and it'll be priced at about $95, depending on exchange rates and your currency.

VIA: Gizmodo