Minecraft Terra Swoop Force map adventure released for free

There's a new Minecraft map and adventure available for no cost whatsoever as part of the current Minecraft Community Celebration. That celebration is in the mix for 2020, leading up to the end of the year. In this latest release, users have the opportunity to drop down into the heated depths of our planet with the Terra Swoop Force – it's about to get WEIRD in here.

Part of the reason this Terra Swoop Force download is free is because it's part of a larger set of adventures released by the folks at NoxCrew. Geo Descent Labs is the name of the overall story, all inside Minecraft.

Terra Swoop Force is an adventure map that can be played by a single individual or with a set of friends. You'll be diving down into a hole to investigate the deeper levels of the planet Earth. You'll need to be good at flying – so good luck to you!

The next big bonus freebie feature for Minecraft in this Community Celebration is set for January 4. That's through the new year, mind you – we've only got a few more days of that left here this week.

NOTE: If you head to the Minecraft Community Celebration page you'll find a set of freebies for multiple platforms. There you'll find Simburbia, Farm Life, and NoxCrew's Terra Swoop Force maps in full effect.

If you're a JAVA player, you'll find a free week of Java Realms between December 8 and January 13. That's December 8, 2020, through the second week of January, 2021. You'll also find new content each week from creators like PizelHeads, Noxcrew, Gamemode One, Mothey, and Jigarbov Productions. Cross your fingers this means this sort of free map release situation is around to stay – more and more!