Minecraft Star Wars Mash-up pack is a giant, game-changing DLC

This week Minecraft revealed a massive DLC for Star Wars. This is an official expansion pack in Minecraft for the entire Star Wars universe*. This is different from the few Star Wars character packs and such that've been released in the past. This is what Minecraft calls "the biggest DLC mash-up in the history of Minecraft!"

The Minecraft Marketplace has this new Star Wars pack as of this week. Inside the pack you'll find 12 different planet dioramas. This includes a map, a skin pack, a "full bespoke texture set," mob reskins, item reskins, and official Star Wars music.

*UPDATE: The place where I say "The entire Star Wars universe," I need to be more specific. This pack does not include the Prequels, nor the Star Wars : The Clone Wars TV show, or Rebels, or the sequel movies. Instead, you're getting content from the following movies and show:

• Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

• Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

• Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

• The Mandalorian (from Disney+)

The pack includes content as follows:

• 12 Star Wars planet dioramas "connected by Hyperspace travel"

• Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, Nevarro, and more

• 36 Star Wars character skins

• Flyable ships

• Pilotable vehicles

• Rideable blurrg

• Death Stars (plural)

As noted by Lucasfilm Games senior producer Orion Kellogg, "the big news here is that this isn't a skin pack. The Minecraft Star Wars DLC offers a whole galaxy to explore with every bit of functionality you'd expect from a full-featured Minecraft experience — all-new building blocks, flyable ships, both Death Stars, and the presence of the Emperor, Jabba the Hutt, and the Child."

We'll be exploring this pack in Minecraft this week – check back as we report on the value of this pack. Is it worth the coins you'd have to drop in order to access this Mash-up in the Minecraft Marketplace? We shall see!