Minecraft Realms Plus monthly subscription service is now available

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 3, 2019, 5:51pm CST
Minecraft Realms Plus monthly subscription service is now available

Minecraft Realms, the game’s monthly subscription service, is dead. Here to replace it is the similar Minecraft Realms Plus, the new monthly subscription service that gives players access to their own private server, as well as Minecraft Marketplace content and more. The subscription service is now live for players who want to sign up.

Existing Minecraft Realms subscribers who are signed up for the 10-player realm will automatically be upgraded to the new Realms Plus plan for free. Other Realms subscribers won’t be automatically upgraded, however, because Mojang said that it ‘ran the numbers’ and offering these customers this perk wouldn’t be good for the company’s bottom line.

All varieties of Minecraft support the new Realms Plus plan. More than 50 pieces of Marketplace content will be available to players under this plan, as well as the private server space for up to 10 people to play together. Subscribers can expect mini-games, skin packs, various worlds, and more.

The company promises that Realms Plus subscribers will get access to new content on a monthly basis; details about each month’s new additions will be provided on the Minecraft.net website. Players within the subscriber’s private realm will get access to the content for free.

Mojang says Realms Plus subscribers will get instant content to Horror House, BOO!, CampCraft, Extreme Sky Block, Foodies, and more when they sign up. The Realms Plus plan costs $7.99/month. The full list of included Marketplace content can be found here.

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