Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15 dubbed the Friendly Update

Mojang has just announced the beta release of version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. But while the game maker, now owned by Microsoft, is mostly spilling all the beans about the update, it has fiendishly dropped a morsel that fans will be chewing while they wait for the final release. Mojang has christened the upcoming update as "The Friendly Update", but leaves that friendliness as a matter of speculation for players to fight over.

Of course, no one knows yet what all that friendliness means. It could be some sort of cross-platform play, though Mojang only recently launched Realms for that very purpose. Maybe it's some friend/romance system inside the blocky world, but is that really something that needs to be added formally? Unless, perhaps some family system is implemented in-game, which could result in some creative humor, given how Minecraft users are very "resourceful".

Despite how Mojang seems to be turning this mysterious friendliness into a major feature of the update, it might be overshadowed by other features. Some, like the Xbox Live achievements for iOS and Android, have some users on those mobile platforms scratching their heads. As far as new creative elements go, Pistons are the major addition to this upcoming release. And pig-riding! OK, maybe not so creative, but pig-riding!

Version 0.15 beta's massive changelog includes the addition of observer blocks that can, well observe the state of nearby blocks. There's also a note about how the main menu interface now reflects the Windows 10 Edition version. And for those not that hot about riding pigs, horses have also gotten an upgrade with dyeable horse armor. And to complete the fantasy theme, you will be able to dip arrows in cauldrons and potions.

Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition version 0.15 is now available in beta form for Minecraft testers, who are probably now trying to figure out what all the friendliness is about.

SOURCE: Mojang