Minecraft Nintendo Switch Bedrock update brings cross-play support

It is almost ironic to think that it was after Microsoft acquired Minecraft and its developers that the popular voxel sandbox game exploded into more platforms and use cases. From mobile to rival consoles to education to AI research, Minecraft has become both a game and a learning tool for anyone and everyone. Continuing that "Minecraft everywhere" spirit, the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft will finally get its "Better Together" cross-play feature in the Bedrock update schedule for next month.

Better Together in itself is quite an achievement. Console and gaming platform owners are, at times, selfish and don't exactly play nice with one another. Minecraft is, perhaps, the first and so far only game that has cross-play support on Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, VR, and, soon, Nintendo Switch. But, yes, still mo PlayStation.

The Bedrock update, however, isn't only about cross-play. It also adds features such as achievements and Gamerscores. It also finally opens up the Marketplace for the Switch, increasing the number of things Switch owners can spend their money on.

The Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Bedrock update goes live on 21st June. It will be available both on Nintendo's eShop as well as in physical form but those who already own the original edition need not make any purchase since they can upgrade digitally free of charge.