Minecraft Nether Update is here and it's big

Minecraft is getting a very large update today, with Mojang sending the Nether Update live across all platforms. The Nether Update first arrived on the Java version of Minecraft earlier this morning, and now, just a few hours later, it's available on Bedrock Edition platforms as well. As the name suggests, the Nether Update greatly expands the Nether – Minecraft's fiery underworld – giving players more to do when they decide to venture into it.

The patch notes are actually different depending on which version you're playing, but whether it's the Java or Bedrock Edition notes you're looking for, they're both very long. Regardless of the version you're playing, you'll find that there are new mini-biomes you can discover in the Nether, including Warped Forests, Crimson Forests, Basalt Deltas, and Soulsand Valleys.

You'll also encounter new NPCs and enemies in the depths of the Nether. It sounds like you'll want to watch out for Hoglins in particular, as they roam Crimson Forests and will attack players on sight. Piglins are hostile as well, but their opinion of you can be swayed if you "dress appropriately" before approaching them. The patch notes also say that they barter using gold ingots, so bring some of those with you if you want to trade.

Other additions worth mentioning include a respawn anchor that allows you to set a respawn point in the Nether; Netherite, which is a new type of resource that can be used to improve your diamond gear; a whole host of new blocks including crying obsidian, the aforementioned basalt, and vegetation that you'll find in Crimson Forests; and new mobs called Striders.

That really just scratches the surface of what's new in the Nether Update, so check out the patch notes for either the Java version or the Bedrock Edition. Those playing on the Bedrock Edition will find a new adventure in the Minecraft Marketplace called "Way of the Nether," which is available for everyone to download for free – just be sure to update your game before you try to install it.