Minecraft National Championship dominated by 10-year-old

A 10-year-old has won the world's first Minecraft National Championship, beating out more than a thousand gamers from across the nation. Julien Wiltshire is a 10-year-old hailing from LA, California; in Minecraft, he goes by the name SuperKraft11. The championship was held by Super League Gaming and took place over the course of 6 weeks in the United States.

Super League's National Championship drew players across the US who competed in auditoriums across 40 major cities. For his role, Julien, a 5th grader from Pacific Palisades, competed with a team at a Santa Monica auditorium.

Said Super League's Chief Visionary Officer John Miller:

Julien's skill, creativity and teamwork during this season was amazing to watch and we couldn't be happier to name him our first ever Minecraft National Champion ... The league format teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, and other social skills; while playing Minecraft has proven to give kids an edge in math, science and computer technology.

For his award, Julien was given a $5,000 scholarship and a Super Bolt trophy. Super League will kick off its next session on February 2, doubling the cities that participate to 80 across the US. Those interested can sign up now on the League's website. The season will last for four weeks.

SOURCE: PRNewswire