Minecraft Mob vote 2021 winner: Allay!

Today we're taking another look at the newest member of the Minecraft mob universe: Allay! This is the winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote that also included the glare and copper golem. We MIGHT see those other mobs added to the game at some other point in the game – but there is no guarantee. What we ARE guaranteed is allay, the most helpful mob of all!

The Minecraft online shop has new merchandise featuring the allay mob now, too. Below you'll see a presentation video showing this new mob in side-scrolling format. Because of the way this mob and the other mobs were presented, we don't yet know exactly what allay will look like in Minecraft proper.

It's not entirely clear yet how you'll find or attain an allay for your game, but once you DO get an allay on your side, you'll have some fun. If you have an allay in your game and give said allay an item, "it will bring back matching or similar ones – as long as they are able to pick them up."

Allay will not mine any blocks, and allay cannot craft any items. It is awesome, but not TOO awesome. Hopefully it'll be able to bring back some shiny surprises, too. Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about the other two mobs that DIDN'T win the vote, and cross your toes in hopes that they'll be added to the game eventually ANYWAY.

Allay will likely appear in the game some time in early 2022. Starting on November 2, 2021, Minecraft PC Bundle will launch. This will be a Game Pass for PC exclusive launch, and it includes both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows in the same launcher.