Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote: Glare!

Minecraft Live 2021 has a mob vote that'll affect the entire future of the game – from the vote's result on forward. The event will play host to a variety of product and software reveals – but we all know the most IMPORTANT part is in the vote. What more awesome way is there to keep longtime fans of a game happy than to give them the opportunity to choose what'll be released in the game next?

The first of three potential new mobs was revealed today. This new mob is called a GLARE. The glare will be a great way to inform users how the latest edition of the game works when it comes to the spawning of monsters and other dangerous entities.

In the past, a hostile mob could spawn in a wide variety of locations. When night fell in Minecraft, you could find yourself in the middle of an open field and BANG! Surrounded by zombies. Now, in the latest version of Minecraft, that's not exactly how it works.

Instead, hostile mobs only spawn in complete darkness. So as long as you keep far enough away from any areas completely devoid of light, you should be safe – or at least far enough away from a place where a monster could spawn that you'd be able to run away in time when a hostile mob is spotted.

The mob called glare will not necessarily be a danger to the player – despite its monstrous appearance. Instead, the glare appears in complete darkness – reminding players that it's dark enough for monsters to spawn. It'll get grumpy when it's dangerous!

Above you'll see a video showing the first in a line of introduction videos for this Minecraft Live event. We'll be sticking around for the event and will cover all the contents too – it'll take place on October 16, 2021, at noon EDT!