Minecraft Jurassic World DLC tests your skills as a park manager

Minecraft has long been home to recreations of fantastic fantasy worlds made by players but, from time to time, the game's own developers also do their fair share of bringing the worlds into the game themselves. Tie-ins with popular franchises and films are not uncommon and no real-world disaster is going to put a stop to that. Instead of taking players to the past, the Jurassic World DLC is bringing the past to them to see if they can fare better than hapless movie stars in running a dinosaur-filled park.

As the name so plainly points out, Minecraft's latest content drop lets players recreate the world of the latest Jurassic Park movie, hopefully with fewer casualties. You might not be able to train a dragon (yet) but you can definitely build and train dinosaurs to fill your park with. Tired of the cookie-cutter plain old factual dinosaurs? Go into expeditions to discover Dino DNA to make hybrids.

But what is a good movie tie-in without some movie drama? Just like in Jurassic World, running a dinosaur exhibit is no walk in the park, no pun intended. Ever wanted to play a dinosaur park management sim? Here's your chance to prove your business acumen and keep the park operating for as long as you can.

But if the harrowing experience of building exhibits and managing resources isn't enough to get your adrenaline pumping, the DLC also offers disasters you'll have to solve. Thankfully, you won't have to do it alone.

Minecraft's Jurassic World DLC doesn't come for free and costs $7.99 in the Minecraft Marketplace. That said, to celebrate the DLC's launch, the developers are also adding a free Blue Hoodie item to the Character Creator to help you blend in with the reptiles and hopefully not get eaten, at least not too soon.