Minecraft Dungeons heads to Steam next month

For its entire existence so far, Minecraft Dungeons has existed in two places on PC: Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Microsoft Store. If you're a PC gamer and you want to play Minecraft Dungeons, those are your choices. However, that's all changing next month, as Minecraft Dungeons will be launching on Steam will all of its DLCs.

How imminent is this release? While the Steam Store listing doesn't give us a specific release date, a blog post to the Minecraft website does. Minecraft Dungeons will be out on Steam on September 22nd, and when it launches, it'll cost $19.99.

That's all you need to pay if you just want to pick up the base game, but Microsoft will also be offering the Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition through Steam. The Ultimate Edition will run $39.99 – twice the price of the base game – but it comes packed with all six DLCs that have been released, along with a 215-track soundtrack and digital artwork for each of the DLCs.

Microsoft says that the Ultimate Edition will only be available digitally through Steam, so it sounds like Minecraft Dungeons superfans have something new to add to their wishlists. In addition, Microsoft announced that the Ultimate Edition will get a physical release on October 26th for the same $39.99 that the digital version demands. On August 31st, the digital versions of the Hero Edition, Hero Pass, and Season Pass will all be delisted, and production will end on physical copies.

It seems that each DLC will be listed on Steam as a separate purchase as well (presumably $5.99 each), though Microsoft says that buying the Ultimate Edition is less expensive than buying all DLCs separately. Minecraft Dungeons launches on Steam on September 22nd, so keep an eye out for its arrival.