Minecraft DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon DLC released with real flying mounts

Today a DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon downloadable content pack was released for Minecraft. This new DLC was released to the Minecraft Marketplace with dragons, flying dragons, and the ability to fly on dragons. This content pack was released by Gamemode One, so you know it's going to be wild.

The How to Train Your Dragon DLC can be acquired for 1340 coins in the Mincraft Marketplace this week. The DLC includes a map with Berk and a variety of activities, too. This DLC includes competitions in racing, quests to release captive dragons, collecting and taming of dragons, and mapping the Barbaric Archipelago.

The DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon DLC includes 24 skins, as well. Above and below you'll see some examples of what's possible in this DLC. Imagine flying over the sea, dropping in on your enemies with fire, learning how to survive the oddity that is this alternate universe.

It's quite likely that Gamemode One was attached to the How to Train Your Dragons DLC task after releasing the popular "Ultimate Dragons" pack. The creators with Gamemode One have also created the licensed DLC "Minecraft Pac-Man", and have worked on a variety of other top-quality packs, skins, and so forth.

If you see the Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon pack and find it amazing, take a peek at the rest of the Gamemode One packs. You'll want to see Advanced Farming, Drawven Mining Company, and Advanced Mining. They also have a free pack called BLOOM. Their Home Decorating kit is particularly excellent – with 100+ "furniture items" for great justice!

Minecraft also released a new DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. This new DLC is called Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths! This new update for the game will be released on Monday, May 26, and it includes both free and paid content. This update includes new enemies called Raid Captains as well as new enchantments and levels, too.