Minecraft developers tease Scrolls, open beta begins June 3

After the success that was Minecraft, the game's developer Mojang is at it again with a new game. However, they're taking a different approach this time around. Instead of making a pixelated sandbox-world title, they're teasing what looks to be a Magic-esque game that has some really good cartoonish graphics. Scrolls, as it's called, has been given a launch date and the public beta is coming next month.

The game's public beta is launching on June 3, which is an exact week from today. You'll have to pay up $20 for the game, which will be available on Windows and OS X, but it seems the game will be mostly ready to go anyway, as the development team is confident about the game's launch, despite it still being in a beta.

Scrolls is essentially a digital trading card game, and it shows warriors battling out the results of actions and powers listed on cards when played. Players will also be able to trade cards, build decks, and play in tournaments, so the mechanics of the game will be a lot like playing an actual physical card game with friends, except this method is over the internet.

From the trailer alone, the game looks to have a lot of different components that come together nicely, and it seems the replay value will be pretty high. You'll be able to purchase items with coins, and it looks like the game will be rife with in-app purchases as well, which should be a huge revenue opportunity for Mojang.

Overall, the trailer looks exciting, and while I'm personally not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, I do like a good card game every now and then, and this looks to be something that I could easily get into. $20 isn't too bad of a price, either, so you better prepare to take part in the beta, as the final version will be more expensive when it initially launches.

SOURCE: Scrolls