Minecraft Apple TV edition lands, Ender Update goes live

JC Torres - Dec 19, 2016, 9:07pm CST
Minecraft Apple TV edition lands, Ender Update goes live

What could be better than an Apple TV with the latest tvOS? Why, Minecraft on the Apple TV, of course! Months in the making, Mojang has finally unleashed the popular blocky game and world creator on the last holdout of Apple’s devices. And it’s no ordinary unleashing mind you. Not only does it already contain the latest and greatest, and deadliest, Minecraft update to date, it also offers players some festive skins and packs, though only for a limited time. Probably until the end of the festive holiday season.

Apple already made the big reveal last October, so it was really only a matter of when rather than if. Minecraft’s arrival on Apple TV comes just in time when people have more time to spend in front of the tube. And what better way to waste spend time than by punching trees, soil, and pigs!

For only $19.99, you can get the Minecraft Apple TV edition from the usual app store. But wait, there’s more! For a limited time, you can also get a Holiday 2015 Town Folk, and City Folk skin packs. And for this special offer, you can also grab Plastic, Cartoon, Natural, and Festive 2016 mashups for free. Get it while supplies (or the promo) lasts!

The special Apple TV edition of Minecraft comes with everything you see, including those that many are just starting to see now. That is to say, the latest Ender Update that’s just rolling out now to the Pocket Edition (iOS, Android), and Windows 10 Edition. That update includes the epic boss of all epic bosses, the Ender Dragon, as well as new items related to “Ends” or “Dragons”, and hopefully not dragon’s ends.

This release would have almost been the perfect Christmas gift if not for the absence of Minecraft Realms support, which would have made it possible for Apple TV players to hook up with their mobile counterparts. That’s still coming, but probably not in time for the holidays.

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