Minecraft 1.0 released, over 240 million logins every month

What's this, a game that gets 240 million logins a month that isn't actually named Farmville or World of Warcraft? And was just barely fully released this weekend? That's, drum roll please, the block-building Minecraft for you. Since the official launch of Minecraft's 1.0 release candidate this weekend, the game has seen an astounding 4000 logins per second, and over 240 million logins every month. If you do some math, that's 240,000 logins a minute, and roughly 14 million logins an hour. Now that's what I call a popular game. And a very smart developer, Mojang.

For all you bean counters out there, here are the more specific statistics for all things Minecraft; there are 241,920,000 logins per month, around 1,000 players login per hour on average, with 4,000 players or so logging in per second after the official 1.0 launch. Two billion files have been downloaded by the launcher. And last but not least, 11,000 in-game skins are being downloaded per every second. And at the current moment, Minecraft has 16,804,266 registered users, and 4,129,151 have bought the full game from Mojang. These numbers are downright mind-boggling, for, well, what's essentially an indie game still in the works until this weekend.

Did I tell mention that Minecraft, is, um, entirely an indie game? Well, an indie game that's already made 33 million dollars over six months ago. And now it's finally an indie game that has actually officially released, to the much-welcomed relief of my roommate, and 16 million other users out there. Are any SlashGear readers also Minecraft players? Let us know in the comments what you've built in the game (which, honestly, can literally be anything, from entire replicas of the U.S.S. Enterprise, to working computers inside games, running on computers themselves, just to name a few of the insane creations from the wildest imaginations possible). Surprise us.

[via PC Gamer]