Minecon Paris attracts thousands of Minecraft fans

It continues to be a surprise to me that the blocky video game Minecraft has proven to be so incredibly popular. The game is available on the PC and can be had on the Xbox 360 and a number of smartphones and other devices. The game isn't what you would typically expect of an insanely successful franchise with purposefully crude graphics combined with a play style is only limited by the player's imagination.

Thousands of fans of the video game recently attended a conference called Minecon to celebrate the video game. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been involved with video game conferences or things like Comic-Con that some visitors to Minecon even dressed up as their favorite creatures from the game.

In fact, the photo you see here is a couple of attendees wearing blocky jack-o'-lanterns from the game. Official sales numbers are held close, but industry estimates peg Minecraft to have sold about 8 million copies for the PC alone. Estimates put the number of players at about 40 million around the world.

Minecon was held at Disneyland Paris and had 4500 attendees. The game developers were on hand to answer questions and hosted meet and greets for fans of the game. The conference also had some well-known players and mod makers from the game franchise in attendance. The mod community for the game is huge and successful. The conference also had sessions to educate players on things such as using Minecraft in education, how to create custom maps, and more.

[via BBC]